Air Animal, Inc. - Pet Moving Services


4120 West Cypress Street Tampa, Florida, 33607 USA Tampa United States

Serviced Airports

  • Miami Intl - MIA
  • Tampa Intl - TPA
  • Orlando Intl - MCO

Services provided

  • Exoten
  • Grooming
  • Aangepaste / gewijzigde Kennels
  • Langeafstandsvervoer

Services arranged

  • Aanhouding
  • Vogel
  • Grondtransport alleen
  • Standaardformaat Airline Kennels

Animals types

  • Vogel
  • Honden en katten
  • Exoten
  • Vis
  • Proefdieren
  • Paard


Air Animal has grown by cultivating great relationships with our clients and airlines carriers around the globe. Our family-owned pet relocation service was founded in 1977 in Tampa, Florida, by Dr. Walter Woolf, a licensed veterinarian, and his late wife Millie. Since then, we have grown into one of the most comprehensive and well respected pet shipping companies in the U.S. An IATA air cargo agency that is endorsed and appointed by more than 225 scheduled airlines, Air Animal should be your top choice for moving your pet through scheduled airlines' air cargo services. Our History: After earning a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine degree from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Dr. Walter Woolf entered private practice in Tampa, Florida in 1961. He cared for dogs, cats, assorted other household pets and even some farm animals at Woolf Animal Hospital, located just a short distance from Tampa International Airport. As time went by, airline carriers sought his advice on how to best meet the needs of traveling animals. Dr. Woolf's relationship with the airlines soon grew to include caring for and boarding pets that were traveling through Tampa without their owners. The experience opened his eyes to the growing need for a service that could focus exclusively on the complicated requirements involved in relocating pets via airline carriers, both domestically and abroad, while creating a safe and enjoyable experience for the animals and their owners. Together with his late wife Millie, Dr. Woolf opened Air Animal alongside his private veterinary practice in 1977. He continued operating his practice until 2004. Dr. Woolf now focuses his veterinary medical services on traveling pets and provides consultative services to veterinarians across the U.S. as well, as part of Air Animal's many services. Dr. Woolf insisted on perfection with his new pet transportation venture, so he helped set the standards for the growing animal relocation industry. In addition to serving as the company's president, Dr. Woolf continues to share his expertise in the safe and humane shipping of pets as a consultant to several major global airlines & industry organizations.

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