Maak het leven in het buitenland gemakkelijker met Expatwijzer, de vergelijkingswebsite voor expats over de hele wereld. launches relocation service solution in Singapore with a choice of 9 unique destination services in innovative new boxes to help welcome expatriates efficiently.

More expats are now relocating with limited support and local packages which exclude arrival help. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and HR departments don’t necessarily have knowledge of all the destination services available, many with accessible pricing options. Welcomepacks addresses these needs with 9 service options provided in 9 beautiful boxes, all of which include a voucher to redeem against a destination service provided by a carefully selected, quality rated service provider. The services are introduced in a new online  

Singapore March 13, 2012. The team of relocation specialists behind the successful worldwide portal has launched an innovative solution for HR departments, managers and individuals. gives access to quality destination services for welcoming new foreign employees or arrivals to Singapore: 

Each Welcomepack includes a voucher which can be redeemed against a quality service, as well as a city guide set in a stunning box that can be customized to include logo and message from the company. The voucher can be redeemed at reception of the box or immediately upon purchase thanks to the instant Electronic Voucher.

Welcomepacks are suited to both individuals and the Human Resources department to give to expats upon arrival or prior to arrival. The 9 Welcomepacks on offer provide services such as: Home Search, Orientation Tour, School Search, Orientation Workshop, Cultural Training, Home Advisory, Immigration, Partner Support and the Premium Welcomepack.

In addition to offering a tangible welcoming gift to the arriving employee, Welcomepacks enables the HR department, manager or hiring company to significantly indicate that they care about the employee. By showing this care, companies can increase retention of talents and Return on Investment (ROI) on the assignment.

“This new venture is an obvious result of our years of experience in the relocation industry. Through the success of we have had the chance to cater to thousands of expats, organize hundreds of relocations and service human resources departments around the globe. It was just the next step for us to deliver an innovative solution offline, on the ground and starting locally in Singapore,” said founder Sébastien Deschamps. 

The distribution of Welcomepacks leverages on a state of the art online shop,, with rich content, easy step by step purchase options and secure payment. “We noted the need for all inclusive and transparent pricing, as well as a detailed and transparent definition of the destination services included. We are pleased with the result and to be the first to give easy access to such crucial services for arriving expats,” adds Sébastien Deschamps. 

With an increasing number of companies trying to tap into the steady growth in Asia, the product suits a rising number of new companies starting up as branches of small and medium sized companies headquartered in Europe and the US. The easy to use aspect also fits the needs of more established multinational companies locally which hire expatriates on a regular basis, given the high turnover of such positions.

Welcomepacks Pte. Ltd, starting from its Singapore headquarters, is planning a rapid development in Asia with over 10 destinations to be covered within the next months.


Welcomepacks is an easy, transparent and hassle-free way to get access to quality relocation services in Singapore to ease your move or your employee’s arrival in town. Welcomepacks Pte. Ltd. has created the standard in distribution of quality destination services to HR and expatriates around the world. Welcomepacks is the latest venture of serial entrepreneurs Sebastien Deschamps and François Deschamps who manage a unique portfolio of relocation oriented websites, including


Media contact: Sébastien Deschamps +65 6423 9447 lanceert de eerste zoek- en vergelijkservice website voor Nederlandse expats wereldwijd.

Expatwijzer is het eerste platform dat producten en diensten voor Nederlandse expats vergelijkt en de mogelijkheid biedt om offertes aan te vragen. De nieuwe website met een variëteit aan informatie voor expats speelt in op de behoeften van de groeiende Nederlandse expat gemeenschap. Het platform helpt gebruikers om geld en tijd te besparen door het vergelijken van een breed scala aan producten en diensten in vier belangrijke categorieën: huisvesting, verzekeringen, geldzaken en verhuizen.
Singapore, 11 Mei 2011- Interexpat Pte. Ltd, dat gevestigd is in Singapore heeft vandaag de website gelanceerd. De website richt zich op Nederlandse inwoners die zich voorbereiden op emigratie of al in het buitenland wonen of werken.
De eenvoudige vergelijkwijzer stelt de gebruiker in staat om een duidelijk beeld te scheppen van  alle beschikbare producten op de markt van grote Nederlandse dienstverleners tot gerenommeerde internationale bedrijven. De hulp loopt uiteen van gezondheidszorg tot verhuizen en het regelen van geldzaken. borduurt voort op het succes van de vergelijkbare Engelstalige website Eerder dit jaar werden ook een Franse versie; en Spaanse versie; succesvol gelanceerd. 
"We ontwikkelen verder door in te spelen op de behoeften van nieuwe wereldwijde Expat gemeenschappen. Met onze goede ervaring met andere Europese talen zoals Frans en Spaans, is de Nederlandse website een logische stap. Met onze kennis en expertise kunnen we nu een nieuwe gemeenschap van dienst zijn bij het maken van belangrijke keuze’s op het gebied van verhuizen en leven in het buitenland”. zo verklaarde Francois Deschamps, medeoprichter van
Met de eenvoudig te gebruiken zoekfunctie kunt u specifieke producten en diensten zoeken en vergelijken, heeft een uitgebreid aanbod van beschikbare producten  en diensten, die specifiek zijn afgesteld op de wensen en situatie van Nederlandse expats. 
“Zoals voor elke taal website, bieden wij producten en diensten van een groot aantal bedrijven uit het land van herkomst, die afgesteld zijn op de behoeften van de gemeenschap in het buitenland. Al onze partners op spelen in op de behoeften van Nederlands expats wereldwijd.” zegt Sebastian Deschamps, medeoprichter en directeur van 
De website biedt ook diverse artikelen, informatie en de mogelijkheid om uw ervaringen te delen met een bloggers gemeenschap van duizenden Nederlanders. De nieuwe website voldoet aan de behoeften van Nederlandse expats in elke fase van hun buitenlandse ervaring, zij het vóór het vertrek, tijdens het dagelijkse leven in het buitenland of bij terugkeer naar Nederland. 
Media Contact
Sébastien Deschamps  Interexpat Pte Ltd  Email: Telefoonnummer: 00 65 6220 3102
Over Interexpat &
De Frans en Frans-Amerikaanse oprichters Francois en Sébastien Deschamps werken momenteel verder aan innovatieve oplossingen voor consumenten over de hele wereld. ExpatWijzer is de nieuwste toevoeging aan het portfolio van online platforms zoals  en Voor meer informatie bezoek: launches the first Dutch comparison and service quotation request website for Dutch expats around the world.

The new one-stop online portal is a place to answer the needs of the large population of Dutch living outside the Netherlands. The website helps users save time and money by comparing a wide range of products and services in four key channels anywhere around the world: Housing, Insurance, Finance and Relocation.
Singapore, May 11, 2011- Interexpat Pte. Ltd., the Singapore headquartered Internet Services Company today launched a new internet portal targeting Dutch nationals preparing for expatriation or already living or working abroad. 
The simple interface of the website offers comparison features of major Dutch service providers as well as other renowned companies around the world who can cater to the needs of the Dutch expatriate consumers in everything from health protection to relocation and personal finance. leverages on the success of the similar English language website, as well as the most recently successfully launched French website and Spanish website
"We are continuing our development strategy by answering the needs of new language communities around the world. Given our good experience with other European languages such as French and Spanish, the Dutch portal is one more online property with which we will implement our expertise in the support of consumers preparing to relocate or already living abroad by helping them make informed decisions.” says Francois Deschamps, co-founder, 
Featuring an easy to use search tool for products and services as well as a comparison tables, showcases an extensive range of products and services, including services that attempt to specifically meet the needs of Dutch expatriates. 
"As for every language website, we display an extensive choice of companies that are from the country of origin and are looking to connect with their nationals abroad. In, all of our partners offer very specific services tailored to meet the needs of Dutch expatriates around the world.” says Sebastian Deschamps co-founder and director of
In addition, the website offers a wide range of articles, tips and guides and the ability to share expatriate experiences through a community of thousands of Dutch expat bloggers. The new web portal uses a unique interface to meet the Dutch expat’s needs at every stage of their relocation, whether pre-departure, current daily life abroad or returning to their home country.
Media Contact
Sébastien Deschamps  Interexpat Pte Ltd  Email: Phone : 00 65 6423 9515
About Interexpat &
French and French-American co-founders Francois and Sébastien Deschamps are currently working on innovative solutions for consumers around the world. is a new addition to a portfolio of supportive online portals including , , , and
 For more information visit:      
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